Are You Using the Right Pictures?

copyright graphics photos Mar 07, 2018

Pictures! I'm talking about pictures you use for your social media and websites. The right picture can say a thousand words and the wrong picture can say one word.......ehh.

Be sure that you choose pictures that emphasize what you are wanting to convey. Just with graphics, your pictures need to be high quality and look amazing.

Some Tips

When taking pictures be sure your lighting is good. Be sure that you have a good angle of the thing you're photographing.

You'd be amazed at how awesome a photo you can get from your phone with some thoughtful planning.

This also goes for your own headshots. Try not to use a selfie, unless it's really good. And be sure its an appropriate shot for what you're business is.

If you're not a very good photographer/picture taker, hire someone. It will be worth every penny to have stellar photos.

Where to Find Stock Photos

Stock photography is the supply of photographs, which are often licensed for specific uses.

Did you know that you don't have to take your own photos?

There are plenty of sites out there where you can buy the rights to use a photo. I suggest doing this when you're creating your website, advertising, or flyers. has a plethora of great photos at various prices.

I mentioned previously,  and they have a ton of free photos and thousands of paid photos. The best part about Canva photos is they are only $1 to purchase.

Other places you can find stellar photos is iStock and Shutterstock, just to name a few.

Free Stock Photos

Be very careful about using pictures that are free. You need to be sure that they are licensed as Creative Commons Zero (CC0). This means you can use them for personal or commercial use. Here's what this means as stated on

  • The pictures are free for personal and even for commercial use.
  • You can modify, copy and distribute the photos.
  • All without asking for permission or setting a link to the source. So, attribution is not required.

There are a few sites out there like this such as and  Just be sure to keep track of where you get your photos from in case there is an issue in the future.  

I do use free photos for social media graphics, my website, and in courses.  I also enjoy taking photos, so I do use my own photos too.  And I pay for photos when needed.  

Now, because most of you are in the wellness and holistic arena, you're going to want pictures that may not be easily found on the free sites (although the selection is improving). This site has stunning pictures that you can buy just for this niche -

A Note on Copyright 

Don't use a photo that you don't have permission to use (unless it has a creative common zero license). This is a serious issue that could land you in a lot of hot water. You can't take a photo off of google images and use it unless you know it has a creative commons zero license or you get written permission from the owner.

I see people using pictures they shouldn't be using all the time. I've even had people take my pictures and use them thinking that its okay without contacting me to ask for permission.

So, stay on the right side of the law and be mindful of the photos you use. And please, don't grab a photo off of a paid photo site that has the watermark on it and use it in your stuff. It looks incredibly unprofessional. Really. Just don't.

So, in conclusion:

  • Use great pictures
  • Be sure you know where the picture came from and you know what license you'll need to use it - paid or not.
  • Take your own great photos or hire someone to do it for you.

P.S. I got this photo from

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