Protect Your Cell Phone Account with a New Password

When our lives are encompassed by technology, its important to be aware of cyber security issues that impact us in our personal lives as well as our professional lives.  This article will be the beginning of tips and and resources for keeping your information secure while embracing technology.

As of the date of this article, a new scam is on the rise. Fraudsters (yes, bad people) are attempting to compromise personal bank accounts by taking over and transferring phone numbers from one wireless provider to another one.

It's a scheme that is affecting the entire wireless industry. You should be getting a text from your provider telling you about this issue. They'll tell you what you need to do to help protect yourself.

I received a text from T-Mobile last week that asked me to call their 800 number and create a new password so I can protect my account.  Currently, most providers will ask you for the last 4 digits of your social security number, your address and zip code for verification.  This information can be accessed if someone has hacked your information from another place, which unfortunately, has happen way too many times in the recent past. 

I created a 9 digit code that will need to be used anytime someone calls in to my account to make a change. If I don't have it, no changes can be made. Period.  This protects your account information so a fraudster can't  port your telephone number away.

My daughter just shared a story with me (a few days after I receive the text from T-Mobile) that someone she works with just had this happen to her last week. Someone ported her husband's cell number and was able to access their bank account at Wells Fargo. $2,500 had been withdrawn from their checking account and a $2,500 cash advance taken on their credit card. This all happened within a few hours! Wells Fargo has said they are not liable for this and now these people are out $5,000 with no recourse.

GO UPDATE YOUR CELL PHONE SERVICE account information with a new and complex password now. If you don't, you may find yourself in this terrible situation. 

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