A Tool You Can Use to Make Graphics for Free

canva graphics social media Feb 28, 2018

Graphics! This week is about using graphics for your business.

When using graphics on your social media, website, etc. be sure they are clear and crisp. A huge mistake people can make is posting a picture on Facebook and its blurry, grainy, or just ick. Or their website photos are are poor quality.

You know it is said that a pictures says a thousand words.

You want the experience of your social media and/or website to be great, not mediocre.

A tool that I use 90% of the time is Canva.com. They have awesome templates you can use and their tutorials are really good.  I will say that they are behind on their Facebook covers so be sure to look up the current size, Facebook seems to change the most ideal sizes on a regular basis.

You can get free account or a paid account. I have a paid (Pro) account because there are additional features that I use all the time. However, if you're just doing graphics for your marketing, a free account should do it.

Canva has most marketing materials that you need already sized for you. I find it to be super simple to use too. There are some paid options too. You can get photos, icons, and other elements that are $1 a piece. You should be able to find what you are looking for without having to pay for these. But I do pay for them when its the perfect thing I'm looking for.

Go have some fun with Canva.  It's easy to use and will help you create some amazing graphics! 


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