Are You Sending Emails?

email mailchimp Mar 14, 2018

Do you have an email list?

If no, why not?

If yes, do you have a system set up to deliver emails?

An email list is critical to the growth of your business. Social media is not a replacement to emails.

I still giggle when I see people post something once to their Facebook page/profile to let people know that they are going to take a day off tomorrow thinking that their people will see it. Guess what? It's not happening. You have a much better chance for someone to open your email and read it then you do using social media.

Don't get me wrong, social media is a fabulous tool, but it doesn't work the way most use it.

Using your gmail, Yahoo, etc.

Sending emails via a gmail, yahoo, etc. using the bcc is not the professional way to be sending your emails. And if you get reported as spam you can lose your account.

Best Practices

The best thing to do is to put a system in place where you can collect email addresses and send emails the proper way.

What do I mean by the "proper way"? The best and most effective way (and legal) is to allow the person to choose whether or not they want to receive your emails. It is not okay to add people to your list because you have their email address (you collected their business card or they sent you an email).

Adding people to your list when they didn't choose to be a part of your list can jeopardize your entire email list. So what do you do?

Set up a system.

I currently use MailChimp. It is free up to 2,000 subscribers. Once you surpass that number you'll pay a small fee each month.  All of your email addresses are stored and you can send an email anytime just by clicking on the list name and creating a new campaign. And you can easily add the email collection opt in to your website or landing page.

MailChimp has fantastic training on how to set up your account and how to add it to your website. I happen to have a very good open rate for my emails (according to industry standards) and its because I only email when I have something important to say. It can be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or whenever. But my lists know that if I send an email, its worth looking at.

There is so much to be said about this small but important step to building your client base but that is for another time. I hope this serves you in some way and you'll consider setting up your own email list the "proper way".

Here's the link to check out MailChimp.

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