Are You Using the Right Pictures?

copyright graphics photos Mar 07, 2018

Pictures! I'm talking about pictures you use for your social media and websites. The right picture can say a thousand words and the wrong picture can say one word.......ehh.

Be sure that you choose pictures that emphasize what you are wanting to convey. Just with graphics, your pictures need to be high quality and look amazing.

Some Tips

When taking pictures be sure your lighting is good. Be sure that you have a good angle of the thing you're photographing.

You'd be amazed at how awesome a photo you can get from your phone with some thoughtful planning.

This also goes for your own headshots. Try not to use a selfie, unless it's really good. And be sure its an appropriate shot for what you're business is.

If you're not a very good photographer/picture taker, hire someone. It will be worth every penny to have stellar photos.

Where to Find Stock Photos

Stock photography is the supply of photographs, which are often licensed for specific uses.

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