Hashtags on Facebook - Are They Effective?

facebook hashtags Feb 19, 2018

Use #hashtags or don’t use hashtags on your Facebook posts?

It can be confusing.

It is often misunderstood. 

So What is a Hashtag?

A hashtag is when you  place the pound sign (#) in front of a word, words or phrase you are categorizing your topic, like this: #hashtag

The use of hashtags are super popular.  However, they are often misused and overused.  Mostly by people who don’t understand how to use them and/or people who aren’t staying on top of the most recent changes on Facebook.  

Disclosure:  I personally have never used a hashtag on Facebook.  I find them to be a bit annoying and they feel intrusive to me when I’m scrolling through Facebook.  So, me being the curious person I am and the fact it was driving me bananas, started researching why people should use them and why. 

One thing to remember when you’re researching a topic, specifically anything that is social media related – check the dates...

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