Create Effective Descriptions for Your Sessions & Services

Let's talk about descriptions. Here's the deal...talking about yourself, your modality, or your certifications, licenses, training, etc. is not going to get people excited about what you do.

Yes, there are a few out there who may be looking specifically for your modality, but for most people, those details may not matter. Now, in your bio, that's a whole different story.

I am a reiki practitioner, kinesiologist, sound healer, essential oil practitioner, and chakra practitioner. My sessions are wonderful and you'll really enjoy them.


A (name your thing) session will help you remove blocks, reduce stress and anxiety, create clarity and help gain confidence and inner strength. Some benefits of experiencing theses sessions are:

  • Get clear on what it is you want to accomplish
  • Find out EXACTLY what’s blocking you from achieving your goal
  • Learn how to feel the resistance in your body
  • Learn how to shift the resistance and feel a sense of clarity
  • Ability to...
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