Create a Process to Document Your Stuff

organization process tip Feb 07, 2018

Here's a tip when you're creating a new offer or product or service or offering.

Create a Process to Document it! 

Seriously!  How often do you find yourself spending precious time looking for documents?  How about that photo you took?  What about that great idea you have but you can't find your notes. Or that fabulous mediation you wrote and you can't remember where you put it. 

I started creating folders on my computer for each project to keep all of my stuff in it. This saves time when I'm looking for something. And boy, have I wasted time looking for stuff...... If I am creating a process like I did for the 2018 Word of the Year, I print the process out and keep it in a binder along with my notes, etc. I am a paper person, so I like things to be in hard copy - its easier for me to sort and brainstorm.  And I also keep a copy electronically, after all, I am a Digital Lightworker.  

You'll most likely want to take it one step further....

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