Good Enough is Good Enough - Get it Done

Do you ever find yourself working on something (an article, a book, a course, etc,) and when you're almost done, you feel like you want to make changes to it......again?

I've had to deal with the perfectionism thing for a lot of years. The way I make it work for me is that I get it finished and get it out.

I've always been one to think I can do better. And its probably true. The thing is......if I keep "doing it better", I will never get it out for others to see it.

I had to realize that what is done is good enough.

The reason I'm sharing this with you is that I'm finally getting my electronic book ready for my deck of cards. And I'm just about done with two more Enchanted Elementals to write about (I'll have those done today).

I found myself this morning saying "there's so much more I can say, maybe I need to rethink this."

NO.. NO.. NO.. NO.. NO..!

What I've done is amazing. It is supposed to be the starting point when you first work with the cards. Yes, there is so much more, but...

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