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Welcome to Digital Lightworker.   This is a place for you to find tips, resources, and information for building and growing your business.  Even if you consider your work a "hobby" this is a fabulous place for you to be part of a thriving community of people who are changing the world by shining their light.

What is a Lightworker?

A Lightworker is someone who feels compelled to help, heal or empower others by shining their light to find their own truth, their calling, their purpose. Lightworkers are usually thought of as being just in the healing and intuitive arts, but they can be found in all industries and work settings.

What is a Digital Lightworker?

A Digital Lightworker is a Lightworker who is embracing the digital age. If you have a smart phone, a tablet, a computer, a website, a social media account - you are in the digital age.  Digital Lightworkers extend their reach beyond their own neighborhoods and cities.  A Digital Lightworker reaches those who are near and far, who are looking for healing, growth, transformation, and wellness.

Who's Behind Digital Lightworker?

Digital Lightworker is the brain child of Robin Carlton.  She has been working as a Lightworker all of her life.  She's been in business as a Lightworker since 2004 when she finally decided to embrace the work "officially" by attending Southwest Institute of Healing Arts.  

Robin has spent many years learning, teaching, and working with people to empower them to be a better version of themselves.  Digital Lightworker has been on her mind since 2012 when she bought the domain name.  

Robin has facilitated two successful events in Phoenix, Arizona since 2014,  the Arizona Wellness Expo and Ladies Healing Day.  She is the creator and steward for the Enchanted Elementals - a series of drawings that take you along a journey of self-discovery.  She has created and published 2 decks of oracle cards and is the founder of Arizona Mind Body Spirit, a website for local Arizona people, places, and events.  Learn more about Robin and her work by clicking here

This community of Digital Lightworkers is just one more tool to help you build and grow your own business to provide services, products, and offerings to empower others to heal, grow, learn, and thrive in their own lives.   Join us on Facebook in our Private Group of other Lightworkers.  You can network, learn, and share your tips and resources you've learned along the way as a Lightworker.  Click here to join. 



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